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February 2022 Newsletter

Hello Friends, As you know, Ukraine is in dire need of your continued prayers and support. Here is a quick update from both of our Teams over in Yuzhny and Kilia. Yuzhny - Our site at Bethel Baptist Church, has been converted into a shelter housing up to 200+ Ukrainians every night (many don't have basements and few bomb shelters). Prayers services, and when possible, food services are being held. Please pray for comfort and strength. Kilia - Our site in the Kilia Second Baptist Church has their beloved pastor, Andrey Bostan (who also acts as the director of their Nourished Hearts programs) back home. Pastor Andrey was in Moldova when Russia attacked Ukraine. He struggled to return to Kilia. He is happily reunited with his family and church.

Thousands of families and children have been forced to leave their homes. Will you stand with us together with prayer and support for these families and children? As we long for Christ’s arrival, Kim de Blecourt, Founder Nourished Hearts

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