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Convoy of Hope Blesses Ukraine

On January 17-18, the Convoy of Hope traveled into the Odessa Oblast. It made stops at:

  • Izmayil Refuge Camp (operated by Izmayil First Baptist Church)

  • Izmayil Second Baptist, because of their great need, was blessed by Pastor Andrey Bostan (Kilia) with much of his intended goods.

  • Mykolaiv Baptist Church

  • Yuzhny Baptist Church through The Island of Hope

  • Petrovka Baptist Church through Denise Carter

Items included were:

  • New winter jackets, pants, hats, gloves, boots, shoes

  • New blankets

  • New t-shirts and general clothing items

  • Power banks and emergency flashlights

  • Milk and food - making up half of the convoy

  • Hygiene and cleaning products

  • Computer tablets

Click on the below video to see examples of the items sent and the recipients showing their appreciation.

Nourished Hearts couldn't have assembled this convoy without your support, prayers, and gifts. Special thanks to the incredibly brave pastors, missionaries, and volunteers of UBC22 who shopped, packed, and delivered this convoy.

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