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December 2021 Newsletter

Hello and Happy Holidays! As a supporter of Nourished Hearts, we wanted to first thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support and prayers mean a lot to the leadership teams as well as the children in both Kilia and Yuzhny. Nearing the end of 2021, we see on an average monthly basis:

  • 103 children from families with difficult life circumstances visited our center

  • On average 23-25 children visited us every day

  • We feed the children 3 times a day

82 children visited our center in November. Every day we feed them a hot meal and 2 snacks - a sandwich with sausage, and cookies or buns. We conducted 1 seminar “Inductive method of studying scripture” for leaders. We started with our adolescent girls to take a class on the inductive method, and have already conducted 6 classes with them.

In looking forward to 2022, would you consider giving to Nourished Hearts? Our goal is to strengthen the financial support for the leadership teams and the children that we see and care for on a daily basis. Our sole purpose is to serve the needs of the orphaned, single parent and the displaced by aiding their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Please give. We need your support to be able to sustain and grow our programs. Some of our needs for both Kilia and Yuzhny are:

  • Prayer - Please remember our Ukrainian staff, children and their families we serve, church staff, and Ukrainian officials

  • Monthly Funding Partners - the funding need is great, build Emergency funding reserve, and add medical needs funding

  • Basement foundation - $2,500 needed to fix basement to stop constant flooding

Thanks again for your support. If you give $200, you will receive a handmade Christmas ornament from Ukraine. If you prefer to mail a check, our address is on the bottom of this letter. As we long for Christ’s arrival this Christmas, Kim de Blecourt, Founder Nourished Hearts

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