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November 2022 Newsletter

FROM THE FOUNDER Hello Friend , Since the war, many Ukrainian families have found themselves in difficult life circumstances and they need our help more and more. We sincerely thank you for your help. As a result of joint efforts, the following things have been done: 1) Our Island of Hope Children's Center worked throughout September, including Sundays, 30 days in total. There were about 60 children in a month - 20-35 came per day. 2) Our "Future Club" in the Village of Mishchanka, continues its work - 2 times a month with up to 30 children attending. The team arranged games, relay races, singing, reads bible stories and snacks. 3) Another Future Club is located in Yuzhny. While we are still working on the format, we organized a small meeting to get ideas going. 4) The head of the Dobryak Charity Fund continued a series of trainings for our children on violence prevention. Volunteers arranged a two-day training for 16 teenagers. 5) A Donation Fair for internally displaced persons and people in need was held in Yuzhny. More than 100 people came to the event. We held this event twice in September. 6) Evangelistic literature, which we received from the Eastern European Humanitarian Mission, was distributed at the fair. 7) With the assistance of the Future Club, 20 food kits were distributed to the families in need. 8) Warm clothes were purchased for 17 children. 9) Stationery supplies for the new school year was purchased for the Island of hope. 10) Medicine for more than UAH 32,000 were purchased for people with disabilities. 11) Donations were collected through the charity boxes in the "Meat" stores. 12) Friends from the USA sent a gift and 20 children paid a visit to a local pizzeria. 13) Thanks to financial assistance of the Future Club of Ukraine, a children's playground was arranged in the summer. 14) Goodies were gifted to the children from the Dobryak Charity Fund. 15) The Island of Hope charity fund is a participant in the cause of the future victory of Ukraine:

  • We raised funds for a fire alarm system

  • 4 electric generators

  • a thermal imager

  • dishes and other things worth more than UAH 100,000.

16) Children volunteered for the "3D-day" (the Day of Good Deeds). 17) In the children's center, a festive Ukrainian Thanksgiving lunch was held for the children. 18) Our specialists continue to work with special children. Our center works with two special needs children, two times a week. 19) Every three hours, about 30 volunteers gather for joint prayer for Ukraine and protection. God hears prayers and protects. All this work became possible because of many caring people. We praise God for all of you! Blessings, Kim de Blecourt Nourished Hearts, Founder

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