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November 2022 - Christmas Is Love Fundraising Campaign Update

Dear Friends, Thank you for your continued support. We remain indebted to you for your love and grace. We want to share the three areas of concern for those at our sites in Ukraine. In these perilous times, the pastors I spoke with had the same three concerns weighing heavily on their hearts. 1. The Sovereignty of Ukraine - Please pray that Ukraine retains her independence and that peace reigns supreme. 2. The People of Ukraine - Winter is upon Ukraine and the centralized heating has yet to be turned on. Russia has been systematically targeting Ukraine's energy sources and there is great concern regarding heating for the coming season. Please pray for protection from the shelling from warships in the Black Sea as well as the elements. 3. The Hearts of Ukraine - There has been revival among Ukraine's people on and off the battlefield. Please pray that revival will continue and that the Church will be strengthened through this crisis. Our "Christmas is Love in Action" campaign continues. We have Matching Funds (as of November 14) for the first $1,000 donated. Consider giving a year-end gift early this year and see your gift doubled. You can give your gift in multiple ways: mail it to P.O. Box 1074, Holland, MI 49022; visit and use our DONATE button, or visit our GoFundMe drive here ( Thank you and God bless, Kim de Blecourt, president Nourished Hearts

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