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July 2022 Newsletter 1

Y U H Z N Y The Island of Hope turned six (6) years old in May. Many children came to celebrate and were treated with cotton candy, games, prizes, and a celebration dinner. Slava Bogu! (Praise God)! The ministry of the Island of Hope resumed averaging 30+ children per day (split into three groups). Samaritan's Purse gift boxes were distributed to the children of the Island of Hope and to those in the city of Yuzhny. Many were in need of basic hygiene products and the toys brought smiles to somber faces. Assistance for the internally displaced was distributed to many families relocating to Yuzhny from the Donbas region through Mykolaiv. Food, baby formula, diapers, and medicine were provided. Through God's providence and a generous gift from an NH donor, the Island of Hope was able to purchase a van! This much-needed transportation has already become instrumental in helping during this time of crisis in Ukraine.

K I L I A Our site at the Kilia Second Baptist Church, "Home" has been able to reduce its feeding groups from 200 to about 30 people. They currently feed the children they minister to and those who work/volunteer in the church. We praise God for the loving people of Kilia who kept so many displaced people well-cared for through meals, lodging, and medicine. The children received packages from Samaritan's Purse. As in Yuzhny, the basic hygiene items were needed, but the hair care items and toys brought the smiles to their faces. Refugees (internally displaced Ukrainians from the Russian war) receive food packages at the church. They collect food packages from products that they buy partly in Ukraine and partly from what is being supplied by brothers and sisters in Romania. The refugees also receive clothing. The church continues to sew/provide blankets and bed linen for refugees. Recently, they were able to buy a scooter for a family from Mykolaiv whose house was bombed. The family now lives in a very remote area of ​​Kilia, and the father of the family has had several heart attacks. They had no transportation. Pastor Bostan was able to help provide the scooter for them with Nourished Hearts support.

F U N D R A I S I N G U P D A T E S / N E E D S PRAYER NEEDS Pray for peace in Ukraine. Pray for our partner's calmness of spirit during daily air raid sirens. Pray staff and volunteers can continue to provide for all those in need around them. Pray for those serving in the military and their families. FUNDING NEEDS FOR YUZHNY & KILIA $25 provides food for a family for one week. Hundreds in need. $50 provides food for the children/staff at each site we minister to. This need is weekly. $100 provides a tank of gas for the new delivery van and those making runs from the Romanian border. This need is weekly. $150 provides a monthly activity for the children. Their respite is crucial. Can you help? SPONSOR(S) needed for a week of respite for the children (and staff/volunteers) from the Island of Hope. The total need is (approximately) $2,500 and it is needed by August 1. Can you help with a one-time gift for this specific purpose? Please let us know via email at or via your donation.

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