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August 2022 Newsletter


Hello Friend ,

I hope you have had a wonderful summer, full of your family and friends enjoying the time away from school and work with beautiful weather.

Nourished Hearts has not been dormant! After revitalizing our giving partnerships, we have been able to accomplish huge projects since Russia invaded Ukraine, such as Financial Aid Packages for Families in Crisis, Grocery and Medication Delivery in Yuzhny and Kilia, and a new (used) Van for The Island of Hope. However, we are not finished. We immediately began preparing for back-to-school preparation for Ukraine.

The country of Ukraine has a strict beginning and end to their school year – it always begins with a Back-to-School celebration on September 1 (regardless of the day of the week it falls on) and always ends on June 1. We currently have a Back-to-School fundraiser with mating funds up to $2,500. Your August financial gift will automatically be doubled, and any additional giving (in August) will be doubled also until we match the entire $2,500.

I wanted to briefly share the incredible evangelistic work being accomplished through the

Nourished Hearts programs.

When we launched our after-school program through our sites in both Yuzhny and Kilia, we

enabled up to 100 children daily to have the option of going somewhere safe after school and during the summer to work on their classwork, enjoy snacks, and/or to simply be surrounded by caring volunteers, sharing the love of God. This enacts positive changes in the children, often made vulnerable by life’s circumstances such as poverty, extended family-headed households, addiction, disease, etc. The family comes to investigate. This brings the entire family directly to the church’s door.

Our sites work in partnership with local evangelical churches and city authorities. Because of

your generous support, doors have opened to expand the after-school program during this time of war. We are working hard to bring therapists into our program on a regular basis. Will you help us turn this dream into a reality?

If you would like to see Nourished Hearts continue to expand our after-school programs, please consider a tax-deductible (please check with your tax advisor) contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today.

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers.


Kim de Blecourt

Nourished Hearts, Founder

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