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Changing Lives In Ukraine

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​​​Nourished Hearts partners with in-country orphan care leaders to love, encourage and care for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.


current news

Hello Friends,


As you know, Ukraine is in dire need of your continued prayers and support. Here is a quick update from both of our Teams over in Yuzhny and Kilia. 


Yuzhny - Our site at Bethel Baptist Church, has been converted into a shelter housing up to 200+ Ukrainians every night (many don't have basements and few bomb shelters). Prayers services, and when possible, food services are being held. Please pray for comfort and strength.


Kilia - Our site in the Kilia Second Baptist Church has their beloved pastor, Andrey Bostan (who also acts as the director of their Nourished Hearts programs) back home. Pastor Andrey was in Moldova when Russia attacked Ukraine. He struggled to return to Kilia. He is happily reunited with his family and church.


Thousands of families and children have been forced to leave their homes. Will you stand with us together with prayer and support for these families and children? 


As we long for Christ’s arrival,

Kim de Blecourt, Founder & President
Nourished Hearts

“Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress...” James 1:27 AMP




Please donate today to help us reach our $100,000 goal! 





What your donation is going towards:

  • Feeding 300+ people still in Ukraine through our churches in Yuzhny and Kilia

  • Fuel for moving Ukrainians out of war zones to our church areas

  • Grocery/Medication deliveries to those incapable, multiple times per week, in Yuzhny

  • Supporting blanket sewing for refugees in Kilia

  • $500 Family Emergency (International) Relocation Fund distribution

  • Therapy Toys for Ukrainian Refugee Children Centers in Poland

  • Helping Ukrainians rebuild their lives


Nourished Hearts remains committed to working through The Church to help those in need in Ukraine. Partner with us in prayer and support.

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Nourished Hearts is to serve the needs of the orphaned, single parent and the displaced by aiding their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.


We serve in numerous ways, including but not limited to:

  • Emotional needs

  • Intellectual needs

  • Physical needs

  • Social needs

  • Spiritual needs

  • Vocational needs


“Pure and unblemished religion [as it is expressed in outward acts] in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit and look after the fatherless and the widows in their distress...” James 1:27 AMP


Karen Brink, Chairwoman 
Retired Business Owner and Former LMW (Leadership Ministries Worldwide) Board Member

Ronald Anger, Vice-Chairman 
Media and Advertising Executive, Realtor/Investor, and Private Lender

Loralyn Bunce, Secretary/Treasurer 
Records Management for the Holland Board of Public Works

Jahn de Blecourt, Construction Advisor 
Licensed Builder and Vice president of Visser Brothers, Inc.

Alex Anger, Business Advisor 
Business Solutions Consultant and Political Advisor

Andrea Sybesma, Social Services Advisor
Child welfare, Adoption Specialist & Social Work Advisor

Kim de Blecourt, President/Founder 
Author/Speaker, Adoption/Orphan Care Advocate and Human Resources Professional


Stepan Kojsa, Executive Director 
Licensed Social Worker

Tatiana Boraleva 
Children’s Center Director

Lina Kojsa, Board Member

care model


Independence Day of Ukraine


The “Island of Hope” Family Preservation Center, located in Yuzhny, utilizes a mixture of staff and volunteers to offer an unheard of service in most of second and third world countries — after-school and weekend care for at-risk families. Our center goes beyond tutoring to include nutritious snacks and meals, ethics and Biblical lessons and crafts, speech therapy, physician services and social worker appointments, as well as outreach to their families.

The high quality care being provided prevents struggling parents from surrendering their children to the local orphanage or parental rights being terminated. We are excited to partner with “Island of Hope” and every family being positively impacted by this incredible, indigenous team. They work hard, seven days a week, to provide this program.


Nourished Hearts is currently planning it’s first ever Transitional Care staff. The orphan care team of Bethel Baptist in Yuzhny, Ukraine, are preparing to offer social worker care on a personal basis for three young people who have graduated from the Zhovten State orphanage and currently have needs beyond their means.

Transitional Care will afford our social worker staff to adapt quickly to the ever-changing needs of an orphan who has been forced to leave the orphanage upon high graduation. While every child is different, their needs can be in such areas as housing, college and trade assistance, or obtaining a job, just to name a few.

Join us through your contributions in planning for this exciting next step for Nourished Hearts.


Our partner Orphan Visitation Team reaches into an orphanage which was once off limits to visitors. Our team was persistent, however, and eventually earned one visit, which has blossomed into a visit every other week. When the team arrives, the children come running. The children have grown to love our team members, and feeling is returned. Many children even visit with team member families during the holidays. You can imagine the joy for all involved. Nourished Hearts enables this dedicated team to furnish life enrichment, self-care classes and so much more. Your recurring donation of only $15 enables a child to a month of loving visits, classes and gifts at birthdays and holidays.

Please consider joining our prayer and funding opportunities for these orphaned children.

These areas of care are managed under our flagship program, The Island of Hope, in Yuzhny, Ukraine.

"Island of Hope" is the name of the non profit in Ukraine.

It is easier translated as Nourished Hearts.


join us


Do you have a heart for serving children and families? Contact us for volunteering opportunities. 

Corporate Partnership

Become a Corporate Partner with us and help us keep our mission going strong! As a thank you,  your company logo will be displayed with a hyperlink to your business website on our website.

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Current Need

  • Prayer - Please remember our Ukrainian staff, children and their families we serve, church staff, and Ukrainian officials

  • Monthly funding partners - The funding need is great, build Emergency funding reserve, and add medical needs funding

  • One time gifts and outreach needs

  • Basement foundation - $2,500 needed to fix basement to stop constant flooding.



Nourished Hearts
P.O. Box 1074
Holland, MI 49422-1074

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